August 24-27, Kraków


XII edition of the hottest festival LINDY HOP NON STOP is coming on 24-27 August 2023
Where? Kraków, Poland 

Get ready to travel to the swinging world. "All-inclusive" package include:

♥ 4 marvellous parties (2 with live music)
♥ International teachers
♥ 6 hours of Lindy Hop workshops (3 levels)
♥ 4 hours of Solo Jazz workshops (2 levels)
♥ Competitions with prizes
♥ Long conversations with old and new friends

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Lindy Hop Non Stop is an intercultural space, a meeting place for participants from different countries, representatives of different cultures, religions and worldviews. We put emphasis on providing the best and safest conditions for everyone.

Please, be respectful to all dancers, organizers and volunteers.

The organizers make every effort to ensure the safety of the festival participants.

The safety of participants during the festival is ensured by organizers and volunteers.

It is forbidden to take any action that may pose a threat to the life, health or safety of people taking part in festival events.

Inappropriate behavior such as discrimination based on gender, age, disability, race, nationality, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, etc. will not be accepted at the festival.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable, or you have noticed an unacceptable behavior, please contact the organizers, volunteers or other people who are involved in the festival's service.

Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

You can contact us in person (find any volunteer or one of the organizers and talk about the problem) or by email.


María Ferrer & Aurélien Darbellay (LINDY HOP)
María Ferrer & Aurélien Darbellay (LINDY HOP)
They will bring us a lot of spanish sun (we are still trying to convince them to bring the sand from the sunny barcelonian beaches). What can you expect from their classes? María and Aurélien think about their dance as a space of three-sided dialogue, where collective dynamics combine with individual expression and musical inspiration. They emphasize rhythmical playfulness, and different ways of interacting with the music and each other. They like to pay attention both to the moments when individuality smoothly fits into the collective flow, and to the moments when tension arises and resolves. They embrace with curiosity, doubts and joy the responsibility of sharing an artform that was born in the African-American community, in a social and cultural context very different from their own. Sometimes you are up for a chill conversation, sometimes you want to go deeper. Their classes are a mix of both.
Thanh Thanh Nguyen (SOLO JAZZ)
Thanh Thanh Nguyen (SOLO JAZZ)
Stumbling upon Lindy Hop in 2016, Thanh Thanh has since embarked on an incredible journey brewing her passion for the dance into her life compass. Her love for body movements and funky grooves has grown and rooted deeper with the rich sound and stories of jazz shared in Saigon Swing Cats, her home scene in Vietnam. Since relocating to Europe 2021, Thanh Thanh has continued to hone her dance craft and broadened her perspective on the dance contemporary culture. After a successful stint burning the floors in Lindylicious 2022, Jazz Roots 2022 and ILHC Europe 2022, Thanh Thanh is now happily based in Paris, ready to share her dance wherever the sound of hot rhythms takes her. In her classes, she often encourages everyone to explore their own movements through self-awareness and improvisation while honoring the root of authentic African American Jazz dance.
Mélanie Deniau & Jérémy Chanton (LINDY HOP)
Mélanie Deniau & Jérémy Chanton (LINDY HOP)
Mélanie started rock'n roll at the age of 7. She fell in love with boogie woogie and was ranked among the top 10 dancing couples in the world for 4 years. After a 3-year break, where she retired to the world of Cabaret, she returned to the swing scene in 2015 through festivals and swing competitions. She quickly caught up and grew up with talented dancers. Jérémy has been dancing since childhood, starting with rock'n roll and boogie woogie. Entering competition in his adolescence, he reached podium places in France and then international finals. In 2015, he joined a swing group where he continued to progress in Lindy hop and Charleston.In a few years, he managed to win prizes and perform with talented dancers.
Ania Długosz & Mateusz Maj (LINDY HOP BEGINNERS)
Ania Długosz & Mateusz Maj (LINDY HOP BEGINNERS)
Ania, as an instructor and choreographer of swing dances, has been participating in the development of the Polish scene since 2013. She perfected her dance skills under the supervision of the best in her field, traveling the world in search of proven tools to work with the body. The greatest inspiration for her is music itself, without which she simply cannot imagine her life: exploring the richness of rhythms, discovering subsequent layers, is an endless source of ideas for her! During his classes, he nurtures the individuality of each participant, encouraging them to spread their wings wide, all in a friendly atmosphere, with a radiant smile on their faces. Mateusz discovered the joy of dancing only during his studies, but this passion consumed him for good. They started their adventure with swing together (with Asia) from Lindy Hop in 2014, love for Balboa came a bit later. They love the elegance and subtlety as well as the dynamism of Balboa and want to share this fascination with others. Currently, they devote every free moment to developing in dance - gaining knowledge and skills at subsequent international festivals.


Lazy Swing Band
Lazy Swing Band
Lazy Swing Band is a Krakow based band, which has already ignited many audiences with its music. The eight-person squad, made up of professional musicians, has been playing regularly since 2016 for the Polish and foreign community of Lindy Hop dancers and does not stop improving its repertoire to make everyone who appears on the dance floor happy. LSB had the honor to perform at such festivals as: Dragon Swing Festival, Kraków Lindy Invasion, GoAt Swing, Transwingvania Brasov Lindy Exchange and many others, such as the famous Kraków Summer Jazz Festival. You can also find evidence that Lazy Swing Band is not so lazy on YouTube or Spotify. If you come to their concert - you won't regret it!


Get ready for Lindy Hop workshops on 4 levels (Swing Kids - Beginners, Alhambra, Roseland, Savoy) and Solo Jazz workshops on 2 levels (Apollo Theater, Small's Paradise).

Lindy Hop workshops for levels Alhambra, Roseland and Savoy will take place on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00, 3 hours a day for each group. Classes for Swing Kids level will take place on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 13:30.
Solo Jazz workshops are also planned for Saturday and Sunday - 2 hours a day for each group.

AUDITION FOR LINDY HOP GOUPS is mandatory for Roseland and Savoy, for Alhambra it is optional. Alhambra, if you want to get into higher group, please notify us during check-in on Thursday or Friday. Time and place: TBA
There is no audition for Solo Jazz goups.


Swing Kids (beginners)

Workshops from scratch for everyone who wants to take their first steps on the dance floor.

Alhambra (int)

You’ve taken your first Lindy steps. Slowly but surely you get to know the music a little better, you know the basic moves such as the tuck turn, promenade or lindy circle, and are not afraid of the new and unknown. There’s also a high chance that you’ve attended some festivals before the pandemic, but in these swing middle ages you’ve managed to forget some things.

Roseland (int/adv)

You’ve danced your share and feel quite nice with Lindy Hop. The swingout technique is starting to keep you awake at night, the variations of what you already know are sometimes more interesting, than new moves. You’ve been to numerous parties, festivals and workshops—still not enough for you. You want to grow and get better.

Savoy (adv)

You got your boots on. You’re the veterans of your scene, could be you maybe teach there or used to teach. Someone can tell you that your swingouts are great, but you’ll point out ten things you could improve on. You’ve got a few tricks that folks will react to only after a few seconds have passed and they’ve realized what just happened. The musical standards you could dance to almost by heart, since you’ve heard them hundreds of times at dozens of Lindy events.


Apollo Theater (int/int+)
You know the basic jazz steps, and you are confident doing variations on them, but solo dancing still presents some challenges. You know or you can dance several routines such as the Shim Sham or the Tranky Doo. You are currently extending your solo vocabulary, finessing your technique, you started improvising and trying to implement your knowledge of swing music in your solo—all that while developing your own style.

Small's Paradise (adv)
You have a lot of experience of solo jazz dancing and/or you are already an advanced jazz dancer and you are looking to push yourself to a higher level. You learn new routines quite fast and might even choreograph your own. Classes will be focused on advanced concepts and techniques, as well as improvisation.



24.08.2023, Thursday, Klub Spotkań Poczta Główna (ul. Westerplatte 20, entrance from the fire station)
19:30-00:00 check-in
21:00 - 2:00 party

25.08.2023, Friday, Avangarda (ul. Zyblikiewicza 1), Lazy Swing Band, Solo Jazz Competition
20:30 - 21:15 taster Lindy Hop: Martyna & Michał Wacławik, Impro Solo in a couple, Shim Sham steps required
21:15 - 4:00 party

26.08.2023, Saturday, Avangarda (ul. Zyblikiewicza 1), Lazy Swing Band, Mix & Match Competition
20:30 - 21:15 taster Solo Jazz: Ania Hasiak, Power Moves
21:15 - 4:00 party

27.08.2023, niedziela, Klub Spotkań Poczta Główna (ul. Westerplatte 20, entrance from the fire station), Switching Roles Competition
20:30-21:15 taster: Jacek Pasternak & Łukasz Furmanek, Pop-turn switch, level open
21:15 - 2:00 party


Sempre, Kraków, ul. Berka Joselewicza 26
Obsession, Kraków, ul. Św. Filipa 25
Avangarda, Kraków, ul. Zyblikiewicza 1
Jazz Like That, Kraków, Rynek Główny 34

Avangarda, Kraków, ul. Mikołaja Zyblikiewicza 1
Klub Spotkań Poczta Główna, Kraków, ul. Westerplatte 20 (entrance from the fire station)



6 hours of classes at chosen level
4 parties (Thursday-Sunday), 2 with live music
3 tasters (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

580 PLN / 130 EUR


5 hours of classes at Swing Kids (beginners) level
4 parties (Thursday-Sunday), 2 with live music
3 tasters (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

180 PLN


4 hours of classes at chosen level
4 parties (Thursday-Sunday), 2 with live music
3 tasters (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

480 PLN / 110 EUR


45 PLN / 10 EUR


4 parties (Thursday-Sunday), 2 with live music
3 tasters (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

280 PLN / 65 EUR


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Organizer of the Festival:
KMiTa Swing