Hello on the official site of Lindy Hop Non Stop.
This is already 5th Anniversary of our event!
4-5-6-7 August 2016!


*** What are we waiting for?! ***

Amazing WORKSHOPS on 4  levels from intermediate to top, 6h of Lindy Hop!

4 extraordinary couples, coming from very different parts of the world:
- Michael Oblaciński i Kate Dybowska
- Rija "Ridz" Rakotondrainibe & Lucile Pinteaux
- Eran Tobi & Claire Chen
- Marcus Nutzinger & Selena Kruse

Extra classes (2h each)
- Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Blues, Balboa, Collegiate Shag !

PARTIES - a whole damn week! :D
- Live music, 2 bands! Friday and Saturday! The Cajun Spices and more!
- Excellent bunch of Polish DJ's and foreign guests!
- Taster classes before each party!
- Teachers introductions and demos, shows and performances!
- Countless additional attractions
e.g. DJ battles, photobooth, open-air dances before parties :)

COMPETITIONS with prizes!
- Jack n Jill Novice (Friday) - for dancers with experience less than one year
- Shim Sham Solo Jazz challenge (Friday) - for everyone
- Jack n Jill Advance (Saturday) - For dancers with experience more than one year
- Strictly Lindy Battle Tournament (Saturday) - max 16 couples, Tournament setup
- Lindy Hop Non Stop Grand Prix award (throughout the event)

Why you should come to the Lindy Hop Non Stop? ;)
- Because we have amazing instructors from all over the world
- Because we have 6h workshops during the weekend, enough for everyone
- Because we have additional classes, if you don't have enough
- Because we have a whole week of parties and live music on Friday and Saturday
- Because we have a dance competitions for everyone with the great prizes!
- Because the Lindy Hop Non Stop is a great atmosphere and fun :)

You're welcome!