The hottest summer event on the swing map of Poland (not just because of the famous DKK) enters the year 2021 with an energetic triple step right after a slightly calmer Suzie Q of 2020!
We’re super happy to invite you to the TENTH Lindy Hop Non Stop, which will take place on the 20-22 August. Coming up is some real good swing fun, consisting of (among others!):
  • Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz workshops with fabulous international teachers
  • Main party with the shining stars of our Polish scene: Lazy Swingers Band
  • A greatly rhythm-talented DJ team taking care of you each evening
  • The typical-to-LHNS family atmosphere
Do we have your attention? Get that date booked in and we’ll see you very soon. Be on the lookout for more information - we for one cannot wait to let you know more details! 


Víctor López & Isabel Gregori

Isa and Víctor signed up for Lindy Hop lessons in the fall of 2014. Although dancing was something that never crossed their minds, the swing bug bit them both since the very begininng. Soon they became active members in their local scene in Valencia and started to attend international swing events.

They are teachers of Black Bottom Studio (Valencia) since 2016 which gives them another reason to travel in order to improve and learn as much as possible. They believe that continuous learning is the way to be able to offer their best to their students. Since 2015, they have attended more than 60 festival (and going up every month ?)

Apart from her endless energy, Isa is well known for her everlasting smile and the passion she throws into her dance. What stands out in Víctor's dance are his team player skills. During the dance he focuses on taking care of his partner.

Their energy and good vibes both in the dance floor and at their classes are contagious.

Tamara Lobato

more details soon

Aurélién Darbellay & María Ferrer

María and Aurélien come from different and complementary horizons. She fell in love with movement when she was a kid. He was born crazy about rhythm. Her background: dance and pedagogy. His: music and philosophy.  Since they started dancing together, their passion and desire to learn more have done nothing but growing.Their work is guided by a bunch of simple and yet powerful ideas: understanding movement and roots, valuing and cherishing the basics, doing more by doing less, conceiving of music as a map full of possibilities, playing and trying to feel as free and comfortable as possible, expression. They don't agree on everything though. María thinks that there are no mistakes in dance, but rather thousands of paths to explore. Aurélien isn't quite as open minded. But, hey, he is nice too. :)

They have their residence in Barcelona, where they discovered the world of swing dancing. They also have a strong link to Geneva, where Aurélien was born, and where they founded with good friends Backbeat, an association which organizes monthly workshops and a yearly international festival, the shaKe that laKe.

Joanna Gardyańczyk-Maj & Mateusz Maj

Asia started dancing as soon as she learned to walk and has been involved in ballroom dancing for many years. Mateusz discovered the joy of dancing only during his studies, but this passion absorbed him for good.
They started their adventure with swing together with Lindy Hop in 2014, a little later their love for Balboa begann. From that moment on, they devoted every free moment to developing themselves in dance - gaining knowledge and skills at subsequent international festivals. For several years, they have been conducting regular swing lessons in Krakow and traveling around Poland teaching at workshops.
During their classes, they pay great attention to technical aspects and the comfort of movement of each of the partners. Watching students enjoy dancing and discover their creativity is something that motivates them to learn.



Get ready for Lindy Hop workshops on 4 levels (The Rhythm Kids, Lindybusters, Swing Runners, Top Guns) and Solo Jazz workshops on 2 levels.

There will be an audition on Friday afternoon. It is compulsory for the most advanced groups (Swing Runners, Top Guns), the Lindybusters group can also participate in the audition.
There is no audition for solo groups.


The Rhythm Kids (beg)

Your Lindy Hop adventure begins here. You’ve already tied your headband and can’t wait to start the training. A long road full of adventure and new friendships awaits you. Nothing left to do but start!

Lindybusters (int)

You’ve taken your first Lindy steps. Slowly but surely you get to know the music a little better, you know the basic moves such as the tuck turn, promenade or lindy circle, and are not afraid of the new and unknown. There’s also a high chance that you’ve attended some festivals before the pandemic, but in these swing middle ages you’ve managed to forget some things.

Swing Runners (int/adv)

You’ve danced your share and feel quite nice with Lindy Hop. The swingout technique is starting to keep you awake at night, the variations of what you already know are sometimes more interesting, than new moves. You’ve been to numerous parties, festivals and workshops—still not enough for you. You want to grow and get better.

Top Guns (adv)

You got your boots on. You’re the veterans of your scene, could be you maybe teach there or used to teach. Someone can tell you that your swingouts are great, but you’ll point out ten things you could improve on. You’ve got a few tricks that folks will react to only after a few seconds have passed and they’ve realized what just happened. The musical standards you could dance to almost by heart, since you’ve heard them hundreds of times at dozens of Lindy events.


Raiders of the Lost Rhythm (int/int+)
You know the basic jazz steps, and you are confident doing variations on them, but solo dancing still presents some challenges. You know or you can dance several routines such as the Shim Sham or the Tranky Doo. You are currently extending your solo vocabulary, finessing your technique, you started improvising and trying to implement your knowledge of swing music in your solo—all that while developing your own style.

Jazzminators (adv)
You have a lot of experience of solo jazz dancing and/or you are already an advanced jazz dancer and you are looking to push yourself to a higher level. You learn new routines quite fast and might even choreograph your own. Classes will be focused on advanced concepts and techniques, as well as improvisation.


(20.08.2021, Friday, Dom Kultury Kolejarza) BACK TO THE RHYTHM

21:15 - 22:15 taster Balboa with Asia Maj & Mateusz Maj

22:15 - start of the party

00:00 - 01:00 - Solo Jazz prelims & finals

4:00 end of the party

(21.08.2021, Saturday, Avangarda) THE NEVERENDING PARTY with LAZY SWINGERS BAND

20:30 - 21:30 – taster: Ola & Alexey: Clap your hands & stomp your feet!

21:30 - start of the party

22:00 - 22:30 Strictly Social prelims

23:30 - 00:30 Strictly Social finals

4:00 end of the party

(22.08.2021, Sunday, Hala Forum) HEP CAT'S DAY OFF

20:30 - 21:30 – taster: Agnieszka & Bartek, Easy ways to accentuate the music

21:30 - start of the party

2:00 end of the party


SEMPRE, Kraków, ul. Berka Joselewicza 26
Dom Kultury Kolejarza (DKK), Kraków, ul. Św. Filipa 6
Akademia Tańca, Kraków, ul. Długa 17

Dom Kultury Kolejarza (DKK), Kraków, ul. Św. Filipa 6
Avangarda, Kraków, ul. Mikołaja Zyblikiewicza 1
Hala Forum, Kraków, ul. Marii Konopnickiej 28



6 hours of classes (levels: Lindybusters, Swing Runners, Top Guns)
3 parties
tasters on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

450 PLN


4.5 hours of Solo
3 parties
tasters on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
360 PLN


6 hours of Lindy (levels: Lindybusters, Swing Runners, Top Guns)
4.5 hours of Solo
3 parties
tasters on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

660 PLN


3 parties
tasters on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

90 PLN


6 hours of classes (level The Rhythm Kids)
3 parties
tasters on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

160 PLN

Single Parties

Friday: 30 zł
Saturday: 60 zł
Sunday: 30 zł

Due to the binding limits of people, the organizers reserve the right to limit the number of tickets sold for individual events. Only having a Full Pass or a Party Pass is a guarantee of participation in the events.






Organizer of the Festival:
KMiTa Swing