During this year's edition of Lindy Hop Non Stop you will be able to participate in the Lindy Hop workshops at one of four levels (beginner, intermediate, intermediate / advanced, advanced) and / or in Authentic Jazz classes at open level.

The Lindyhop block includes 6 hours of classes, while the Solo block 6 or 3 hours depending on the chosen package.

In addition, we anticipate 2 hours of solo blues classes.

Workshop schedule

  DKK (Św.Fiipa 6) Sempre (Berka Joselewicza 26)  KMiTa Studio (Długa 82/5a)
10:00-11:00 audition    
11:15-12:15 adv int/adv  
12:25-13:25 adv int/adv  
13:35-14:35 int solo  
14:45-15:45 int solo  
15:45-16:45 przerwa obiadowa / lunch break  
16:45-17:45   solo (+full non stop pass)  
  DKK (Św.Fiipa 6) Sempre (Berka Joselewicza 26)  KMiTa Studio (Długa 82/5a)
11:00-12:00 int    11:00-13:00 beginners
12:10-13:10 int    
13:20-14:20 adv int/adv  13:30-15:00 beginners
14:30-15:30 adv int/adv  
15:30-16:30 przerwa obiadowa / lunch break  
16:30-17:30   solo (+full non stop pass)  
17:40-18:40   solo (+full non stop pass)  
  Akademia Tańca (Długa 17) Sempre (Berka Joselewicza 26) KMiTa Studio (Długa 82/5a)
11:00-12:00 int    11:00-13:00 beginners
12:10-13:10 int solo   
13:20-14:20 adv int adv  13:30-15:00 beginners
14:45-15:45 adv int adv  
15:45-16:45 przerwa obiadowa / lunch break  
16:45-17:45    solo blues  
17:55-18:55    solo blues  

Lindy Hop Levels

Beginners - level for the people who would like to learn basics, experience is not required.

Intermediate - you dance at least 6 months, you regularly take classes and from time to time, you come to the parties. You know what leading/following means, you know some basic figures in open and closed position like lindy circle, promenade, tack turn oraz the charleston basics. You know what swingout is, but it's still difficult figure for you.You still don't feel comfortable on the dance floor dancing to the fast tempo.

Intermediate/Advanced - from more than a year you regularly take classes, participate in the local and international workshops and festivals. Leading/Following is not a big deal for you, you work on your technique, you know many figures and you can easily dance to faster tempo. You improvise from time to time.

Advanced - you intensely dance from more than 2 years, you travel a lot and participate in many international festivals where you improve yourself in different techniques (Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Balboa, Blues). You can easily dance to any tempo, you improvise.

There will be audition for the highest Lindy Hop levels - Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced.



Our teachers linup for this year:


Erin Morris & Rafał Pustelny

Erin Morris is a champion solo jazz dancer, celebrated lindy hop artist, and a working jazz musician. She is a formidable improviser and spirited partner, able to draw upon a wealth of musical knowledge and vernacular dance movement. Her strongest influences are Katherine Dunham and Leon James and, of course, the music itself. In the classroom she is renowned for her depth and clarity, and she strives to develop artists and individuals. She is very proud that none of her students ever look like her. She has taught, performed, and competed around the world.

Erin began teaching dance in 1999 for the University of Michigan swing club. She invested more than a decade in her home lindy hop scene and spent four years teaching primarily as a lead to meet the unique challenges of that scene. In 2011 she founded Michigan’s first chorus girl troupe, Erin Morris & Her Ragdolls, to explore her voice as a choreographer and to become an ambassador for women in jazz. She choreographed more than 40 original routines for the Ragdolls and worked closely with local band leaders, including the acclaimed James Dapogny, to present revues and performances that featured live music.

Erin moved to St. Louis in 2016 to continue her journey as a working musician and dancer.


Rafal Pustelny is a vibrant young dancer and teacher who is passionate about all things dance!

After relocating to NYC in 2010 from Poland with his family, Rafal became addicted to the authentic American Jazz dance forms Lindy Hop, Charleston and Balboa, and quickly established himself in NYC as a top social dancer. Seven years later, his wide knowledge and skill in various styles placed him top in international competitions and opened many opportunities to teach all over the states.

Rafal works with several regional performance groups including "Roddy Caravella’s Canarsie Wobblers" as well as dancing with the "Amazebals" the "Big Apple Lindy Hoppers" the "Lindy Hop All-Stars" and the "Vanaver Caravan". A Frankie Manning Foundation Ambassador, he also teaches and performs with "You Should Be Dancing" studios and The Harlem Swing Dance Society.


 Maria Ferrer & Aurélien Darbellay

Maria and Aurélien come from different and complementary horizons. She fell in love with movement when she was a kid. He was born crazy about rhythm. Her background: dance and pedagogy. His: music and philosophy.

Since they started dancing together, their passion and desire to learn more have done nothing but growing. Their work is guided by a bunch of simple and yet powerful ideas: understanding movement, valuing and cherishing the basics, doing more by doing less, conceiving of music as a map full of possibilities, playing and trying to feel as free and comfortable as possible, expression. They don't agree on everything though. Maria thinks that there are no mistakes in dance, but rather thousands of paths to explore. Aurélien isn't quite as open-minded. But, hey, he is nice too.

They have their residence in Barcelona, where they discovered the world of swing dancing. They also have a strong link to Geneva, where Aurélien was born, and where they founded with good friends Backbeat, an association which organizes monthly workshops and a yearly international festival, the shaKe that laKe.


Helena Kanini Kiiru

Helena Kanini Kiiru is a young dancer and teacher based in Zagreb, Croatia, where she teaches solo jazz. She started off as a hip hop dancer at the age of 10, and after 8 years of practicing various street styles, she fell in love with lindy hop. Very quickly she found passion for solo jazz, especially the raw style of authentic jazz pioneers. Her talent was recognized at JazzRoots 2018 where she won both solo and showcase competitions. She stood out due to her unique style, charisma and authenticity. Now she teaches internationally and enjoys spreading her love for solo jazz.