Lindy Hop Non Stop is all about a lot of social dance. This year, we have planned 4 nights of crazy parties for you, including 2 with live music! We are preparing for you a real musical feast with a brilliant bands - The Schwings Band from Vilnius and Lazy Swingers Band from Cracow


Parties schedule

Thursday, 8.08.2019: Plac Nowy 1, ul. Plac Nowy 1

        21:00-2:00 Party with Dj's in two ballrooms: Swing i R'n'B

Friday, 9.08.2019: Restauracja Avangarda, ul. Zyblikiewicza 1

        20:30-21:30 Taster with Do Hoang Viet, theme: "From Jazz to Funk : How did Earl "Snakehips" Tucker influence Streetdance?"

        21:30 Party begins

        22:30 The Schwings Band

        23:30 Solo Competition Prelims

        4:00 End of the party

Saturday, 10.08.2019: Dom Kultury Kolejarza (Main Hall), ul. Św. Filipa 6

        20:30-21:30 Taster with Olena Rudenko and Max Vanin, theme: "Exploring two-hand connection"

        21:30 J'n'J Competition prelims

        22:00 The Schwings Band

        4:00 End of the party

Sunday, 11.08.2019: Plac Nowy 1, ul. Plac Nowy 1

        21:00 Party begins

        21:30 Lazy Swingers Band

        22:30 J'n'J Novice prelims and final

        2:00 End of the party



The Schwings Band:

The Schwings are a vintage swing and New Orleans style jazz band hailing all the way from the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius! Founded in 2011 by legendary jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist Remis Rančys. The Schwings rapidly rose to popularity in Lithuanian jazz festivals, clubs and lindy hop dance events. Initially playing golden standards of swing, Brazilian, and gypsy jazz, the band has since begun recording original compositions.
Their most recent album “Teisutis” (March 2019) reached the #1 bestseller in swing/jazz category on Bandcamp - a popular online music distributor.
Spotify data suggests, that most of The Schwings fans live in the USA.
Now performing internationally, they have ‘schwung’ their Lithuanian spirit across the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Finland and Russia.
With music as diverse as the seasons - the Schwings can burn like summer, be nostalgic as autumn, pure as winter and uplifting as spring – all in the space of one evening.

  • Remigijus Rančys (saxophones)
  • Richardas Banys (piano)
  • Gediminas Svilas (double bass)
  • Gediminas Stankevičius (drums)


Lazy Swingers Band

Lazy Swingers Band grew from the inspiration of the music of swinging 30s and the fascination of a unique, noble tone of bands that played at that time. Eight people, divided sectionally in minimalistic version that refers to the big-band (some of them are lindy hop dancers) focuses on maintaining the characteristic swinging articulation and fluid dynamic changes in such a way that the body starts to tremble and a smile appearing in heart of the dancers doesn't let them stay still! The band was created by Filip Presseisen, and it is a part of Krakow Section of Culture, Music and Swing Dance called KMiTa Swing.
  • Sylwia Buchalska (vocal)
  • Dawid Paluch (trumpet)
  • Adam Wielicki (trombone)
  • Miłosz Konarski (clarinet/arr)
  • Wojciech Rejdych (saxophone)
  • Miłosz Bazarnik (pno)
  • Michał Biel (b. guitar)
  • Łukasz Giergiel (drums)










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